Hello and welcome to Ferret Rescue Southwest covering Plymouth and all the surrounding areas. We are a small, self funded rescue centre dedicated to the welfare of unwnated ferrets. We were established in the summer of 2008 and currently are home to a number of ferrets. Our aim is to rehome all suitable, unwanted ferrets to good homes and to look after all the ferrets not suitable for rehoming. We rely on small donations to keep our ferrets fed and watered and have a very large ferret court in which our rescue ferrets can enjoy their time. So if you feel you could spare a couple of pounds to help feed a ferret for a week please click on the donate logo below.


If you are looking at rehoming a ferret please check out our Things to Consider page and Ferret Facts page.  If after that you would still like to rehome a ferret please go to the Contact Us  page and we will see if we have any suitable candidates. Or if you just fancy learning a bit about ferrets and their uses please feel free to check out our site, or go to our sister site Born To Hunt.


If you have found a ferret and are unsure what to do please go to our Contact Us page and someone will be in contact to arrange collection or be on hand to advise you what to do next.


Thank you for looking and please come back again soon.


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